• You will help research audience trends and create ideas for our weekly content, co-ordinate video shoots, and evaluate their performances.

  • About Mailman

    Mailman is a digital & innovation company serving the world’s biggest sport, tourism, and entertainment brands connect with a global Chinese consumer. Our services include digital, social media, media partnerships and commercial representation.


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    Always trying new things

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    Our clients include global sports teams, personalities and large destinations from around the world. For more you can visit www.mailmangroup.com

  • Why we need you?

    We’re growing! And in order to maintain the quality of our business we need to ensure we have great leaders. We’d like to give you the opportunity to join our ranks and develop yourself and the team around you. We’re about you reaching your potential just as much as us reaching ours.

  • Job Description
    • Work as part of the Mailman Original Content team to research audience trends and show ideas for our weekly content
    • Co-ordinate video shoots and schedules with team members
    • Measure video performance using analytic tools from media partners
  • Requirements
    • Advanced knowledge of digital media and content, including how to design, plan, film, publish and promote digital video content
    • Uphold high standard of quality and pays extra attention to detail
    • Interest in sports, particularly football, basketball, tennis, snooker, motor racing
    • Proficiency in written English. Verbal and written proficiency preferred.
    • Experience in making live-streaming content preferred
    •  Motion graphics and color grading experience
    •  Experience using non-linear video editing software
    •  Proficiency in Adobe CS editing programs
    • Ability to produce and edit short videos with quick turnaround time
  • Salary.

    Salary is negotiable based on experience.


    Please sent your resume to: iris@mailmangroup.com


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  • 岗位职责
    • 与原创内容团队和明星体育客户一起努力,主要研究观众观看习惯和周播节目的内容计划
    • 负责内容制作排期
    • 使用分析工具检测内容的表现
  • 任职要求
    • 对数字媒体和视频内容有深入的认识和见解,包括内容策划,如何制作,发布,推广优质内容
    • 做事勤奋认真细心
    • 对体育感兴趣,包括足球篮球网球台球赛车等
    • 英语语言能力,能写和读。有口语能力的候选人优先。
    • 有经验制作优质直播内容的候选人优先
    •  动态内容以及视频调色经验
    •  使用非线性视频编辑软件
    •  使用Adobe CS编辑软件
    •  抗压能力,以及能够短时间制作编辑视频内容
  • 薪资



    请将简历发送至: iris@mailmangroup.com

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