• You will display your design capabilities in order to deliver high quality graphics on social media and websites for the Mailman Sports & Tourism teams.

  • About Mailman

    Mailman is a digital & innovation company serving the world’s biggest sport, tourism, and entertainment brands connect with a global Chinese consumer. Our services include digital, social media, media partnerships and commercial representation.


    Passion for what we’re doing

    Always trying new things

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    Our clients include global sports teams, personalities and large destinations from around the world. For more you can visit www.mailmangroup.com

  • Why we need you?

    We’re growing! And in order to maintain the quality of our business we need to ensure we have great leaders. We’d like to give you the opportunity to join our ranks and develop yourself and the team around you. We’re about you reaching your potential just as much as us reaching ours.

  • Job Description
    • Create and design concepts to help achieve marketing goals for social media platforms, Weibo, WeChat etc. (eg. info-graphics, campaigns, contest posts, backgrounds, animations)
    • Create and design concepts to help achieve marketing goals for Websites (eg. banners, web design and UX design)
    • Be responsible for reactive social designs for Sports teams, to be delivered in timely manner (eg. new player announcements, team news, updates etc.)
    • Understand all client brand guidelines and have the ability to communicate it to other designers
    • Communicate effectively with all teams, clients, partners and support 3rd party technical or design companies for projects when needed
    • You will work together with Senior Designers to continue developing your skills and partake in workshop and learning sessions
  • Job Requirements
    • Have at least 1-2 years of experience in digital design
    • Familiar with design software including Adobe Suite, PS and AI, animation is a plus
    • Knowledge of digital & social media, marketing and general industry
    • Accountability for project requirements: make a decision and own it
    • Excellent communication skills in English and Chinese
    • Strong sense of creativity, responsiveness and great attention to detail
    • Portfolio with a minimum of 5 modern media related designs using modern design techniques
  • Salary
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  • 工作内容
    • 你将为社交媒体如微博、微信等平台创建和设计理念(例如,信息图、活动、赛事内容、背景、动画),帮助实现营销目标。
    • 你将为网站创建和设计理念(例如,横幅、网页设计和用户体验设计)
    • 你将负责为体育组社交媒体内容的设计,并及时交付(例如,球员官宣、球队新闻、更新等)
    • 你需要了解所有客户品牌方针,拥有与其他设计师沟通的能力
    • 如有需要,你应为项目能够与团队、客户、合作伙伴和支持第三方技术或设计公司进行有效地沟通
    • 你将与高级设计师一起继续发展你的技能,参与研讨会与学习课程
  • 能力要求
    • 至少1-2年的电子媒体视觉设计经验(平面设计相关专业优先)
    • 能熟练使用平面设计设计软件包括 PS, AI, AE以及相关的设计软件, 具有动态视觉制作能力者优先
    • 熟知数字化与新媒体,市场营销和基本行业知识
    • 需要能做出决定,并付诸于执行实践的能力
    • 具有良好的中英文沟通能力者优先
    • 有非常好的创造力,自信,负责,细心
    • 能提供至少5个能够凸显最新设计技巧的具有视觉前沿性新媒体相关设计案例
  • 待遇



    请将您的简历及自我推荐信等相关信息发送至: iris@mailmangroup.com

    欲知更多详情点击 http://www.mailmangroup.com/

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