• As an account manager working within the White team, the role includes management of Juventus, AC Milan and Napoli official digital channels.

  • About Mailman

    Mailman is a China sports digital marketing agency. We help deliver expert digital & social media programs for the world’s most powerful sports organisations in China.

    Our clients include global sports organisations, teams and talent. For more you can visit http://www.mailmangroup.com/en/sports-digital/




  • Why we need you?

    We’re growing! And in order to maintain the quality of our business we need to ensure we have great leaders. We’d like to give you the opportunity to join our ranks and develop yourself and the team around you. We’re about you reaching your potential just as much as us reaching ours.




  • Mailman Values
    • Own it: Make yourself accountable to each other, our clients, friends, and family. We take on projects and we make them our own. Excellent is what we strive for. Nothing less will do.
    • Family: We are a family. We look out for each other. Just like any other family, sometimes we fight and feel pain but we also have fun and feel joy as one. Our family is big. It includes all of us, our clients and our partners. We’re all in this together.
    • Respect: We respect everyone. Whether you’re the ayi, the waiter or the president, we share this world. Cultures are celebrated, colour is embraced, national holidays are always entertained.
    • Hungry: We never settle. We are always hungry for more. We take pride in our work, our passion is what makes it Mailman. There is always more we can do, more we can explore. Never get too comfortable.
    • Lead: We always lead. We were here first. We will always be first. We think about where the world will be tomorrow and travel now. Opportunities are always eagerly embraced, even if there’s risk involved. We are here to set the standard, not conform to it.
  • 邮人价值观
    • 值得信赖:在获得同事、客户、朋友与家人信赖的基础上,拥有独立完成项目的能力。追求完美,永无止境。
    • 家庭:我们是一个大家庭,彼此相互照顾。犹如家人,即使偶尔会有摩擦,但共同拥有更多欢乐的时刻。这个大家庭不仅容纳了所有邮人员工,还有我们的客户与合作伙伴,都是这个大家庭的一份子。
    • 尊重:我们尊重每一个人。不管你是保洁阿姨、普通员工还是领导,我们都一视同仁。我们尊重不同文化,不受限于肤色、种族和背景。
    • 饥渴:我们从不满足于现状。我们时刻保持着饥渴的状态。我们以自己的工作为傲。在邮人体育,工作就是我们的热情所在。永无止境,勇攀高峰是我们的座右铭。
    • 领先:我们追逐领先。我们是行业中的翘楚。行业里的趋势与变化我们时刻关注着。机会是留给那些愿意承担风险的人。
  • About the Role

    As an account manager working within the White team, the role includes management of Juventus, AC Milan and Napoli official digital channels.


    Account management

    On Account management, we would like to see leadership in terms of managing the entire content creation process, ensure the accounts maintain high levels of performance and to provide feedback to the team leaders and execution team. Detailed responsibilities are below:

    • Oversee daily work to ensure best performance, mitigate any problems, listen and talk with team members to support where needed
    • Setting and managing client and team expectations, to ensure the team hits deadlines
    • Produce insightful monthly and quarterly reports
    • Communicate updates and status reports to Team Leaders as to the overall performance
    • Build relationships and manage brand advocates and influential KOLs


    Team management

    As you will need manage junior staff and report directly to the leadership team, we want you to spread your impact across the sports team as a whole.

    • Provide monthly review with your team member and make sure they are accountable for their individual KPIs as well as the account KPIs
    • Setup 1x new team initiative, work process or regular activity
    • Assisting the Team Leaders in hiring, assessment and career development activities of the junior team.
    • Managing staff to maximise productivity and individual & team performance.


    Client management

    As Account Manager, you will also work closely with the Client manager on a weekly basis, where you will be responsible for presenting the account performance, tasks completed and what’s coming next. Also, proficient skill set with presentation and keynote skills are required, where you can own proposals and plans for your clients. Detail responsibilities below:

    • Lead the weekly and monthly reporting to be shared with the clients
    • Create campaign proposals and execution plans when needed to present to clients and team
  • Requirements
    • Min. 2 years experience on Account management
    • Experience of delivering social campaigns
    • Attention to detail
    • Personal passion for sports
    • Delivery and results driven
    • Creative thinking
    • Professional discipline
    • A believer in the concept of mutual accountability
    • Fun!
  • 要求:
    • 至少两年的客户管理经验
    • 有做过新媒体活动的经验
    • 注重细节
    • 对体育有着极大的热情
    • 注重结果
    • 具有创造力的思维
    • 职业规范
    • 值得信赖
    • 有趣
  • Salary.

    At Mailman we are offering a competitive Salary structure which is higher than the average standard in the industry. The salary is also negotiable based on your experience.




  • Benefits

    Free breakfast

    Free drink at office (Even beer!)

    One of the best office culture in the world






  • Bonus.

    The company also offers clear structure including annual bonus, referral, new business and a comprehensive structure of commission which provides clear offering for company members to earn the incentives that they deserved.






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