• This role will focus on a creating inspiring content and designing campaigns in order to enhance travel focused content across our tourism accounts. 这个职位将为旅游品牌撰写有效的创意内容与活跃运营,致力于为品牌粉丝群体构建一个有趣活跃的旅行交流环境。你需要贯彻客户品牌的宗旨,用更具创意而有效的文字为旅游类账号发声。

  • About Mailman

    Mailman is a digital & innovation company serving the world’s biggest sport, tourism, and entertainment brands connect with a global Chinese consumer. Our services include digital, social media, media partnerships and commercial representation.

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    Always trying new things

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    Our clients include global sports teams, personalities and large destinations from around the world. For more you can visit www.mailmangroup.com

  • Why we need you?

    We’re growing! And in order to maintain the quality of our business we need to ensure we have great leaders. We’d like to give you the opportunity to join our ranks and develop yourself and the team around you. We’re about you reaching your potential just as much as us reaching ours.

  • Job Description
    • Publish inspiring and exciting travel content for Tourism destinations on travel-related websites/platforms
    • Build Communities- maintain at least two Tourism platforms to build and engage followers
    • Maintain branding and visual guidelines
    • Content planning/strategy and publishing
    • Creative input and execution for content
    • Takes initiative in kickstarting projects and campaigns and willing to try new things
    • Actively share learnings and insights to the tourism and management team
    • Work cooperatively with key team members, clients and vendors while maintaining accountability and ownership of your own accounts
    • Passionate about travel, curious mindset to try new things and learn more
  • Requirements
    • Creative mindset with marketing sense and “out of the box “ thinking
    • Have personal social media accounts with amount of followers; Familiar with different types of accounts/platforms/websites
    • University graduate in communication / languages / journalism or related discipline
    • True team player who values and believes in effectiveness and efficiency
    • Good command of spoken Mandarin Chinese and English
    • Excellent command in Mandarin Chinese writing
    • Good interpersonal and communications skills
    • Must be proactive, independent, responsible and detail-oriented
  • Salary.
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  • 我们需要你的加入


  • 工作内容
    • 在旅游相关网站/平台上为美国国家旅游局发布有趣且具创意的内容
    • 至少维护两个旅游类平台,建立与粉丝的互动:
    • 严格按照品牌调性与视觉指南进行发布推广
    • 完成品牌内容计划的发布
    • 参与内容推广的前期创意与后期执行工作
    • 积极参与品牌的推广活动与项目并愿意尝试新鲜事物
    • 积极与旅游组和管理团队分享所学的经验与见解
    • 在运营所负责的品牌账号时与团队核心成员、客户和供应商保持积极的沟通与合作
    • 对于旅行充满热情,愿意尝试新鲜事物,对这个世界保持好奇
  • 能力要求
    • 拥有创造性的市场触觉与摆脱常规的思维方式
    • 拥有一定粉丝数量的社交媒体帐号,关注多个帐号/平台/社区
    •  通信/语言/新闻或相关专业毕业
    • 能成为重视并注重效率与质量的团队成员
    • 熟练的中英文口语能力
    • 优秀的中文写作水平
    • 良好的人际关系和沟通技巧
    • 积极、独立、负责、注重细节
  • 待遇

    在参考具体人选以往工作经验的基础上提供诱人的薪水和福利请将您的简历及自我推荐信等相关信息发送至: iris@mailmangroup.com欲知更多详情点击 http://www.mailmangroup.com/

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