• It is your job is to support the video production capabilities of Mailman teams for the delivery of high quality videos on social media and websites.

  • About Mailman

    Mailman is a China sports digital marketing agency. We help deliver expert digital & social media programs for the world’s most powerful sports organisations in China.

    Our clients include global sports organisations, teams and talent. For more you can visit http://www.mailmangroup.com/en/sports-digital/




  • Why we need you?

    We’re growing! And in order to maintain the quality of our business we need to ensure we have great leaders. We’d like to give you the opportunity to join our ranks and develop yourself and the team around you. We’re about you reaching your potential just as much as us reaching ours.



  • Job Description
    • Understand our brand, business, and culture, to stay on brand in terms of messaging and style/design for internal brand assignments.
    • Set up video archiving and in-house resources system, video process
    • Suggest creative video concepts and use of video within the company
    • Understand expectations from Sports and Tourism teams and brand guidelines from clients
    • Ensure smooth coordination and timely deliver on designated video assignments
    • Subtitle, basic edit and add special effect to client submitted videos for publishing across Chinese social and web channels
    • Support in web design, graphic design, or other areas of creativity for the tourism and sports teams
    • Help lead the filming and production of videos for offline events, which may include travel in mainland China and abroad
    • Follow up performance of videos created to ensure understanding of engagement, what works, what doesn’t
    • Subtitle, basic editing and addition of special effects to client submitted videos for publishing across Chinese social and web channels, for min of 10 videos per week across Sports and Tourism clients
    • Provide support for proposal document to include graphic and video elements
    • Find opportunities and create company videos to share our work with clients and website visitors
    • Provide regular support for basic research, data tracking, community management, advocate/KOL identification and other basic tasks across accounts
  • Requirements
    • Have at least 2-3 years of experience in video production
    • Strong experience leading a team and managing the production of video projects
    • Familiar with post production, and design softwares Premier/Final Cut Pro, After Effect/Motion, Photoshop and other relevant
    • Familiar with Post-color grading and relevant softwares such as Davinci is the plus
    • Be able to manipulate commercial-level video camera and with knowledge of setting up  on-site filming scene
    • Knowledge of digital & social media, marketing and general industry
    • Accountability for project requirements: make a decision and own it
    • Excellent communication skills in English and Chinese
    • Strong sense of creativity, responsiveness and great attention to detail
  • Salary.
  • 工作内容
    • 对公司品牌,文化和业务有充分理解并且能与实际工作有效结合
    • 建立视频文件,资源归类档案; 建立视频制作工作流程
    • 提供公司品牌视频创意概念和制作
    • 理解并能灵活运用客户品牌形象指导,支持体育与旅游部门的视频剪辑即创意工作需求
    • 确保在要求的时间内交付工作,以及顺利的合作过程
    • 字幕制作,基本剪辑和特效的视频通过中国社交平台以及网络频道发布
    • 协助旅游组和体育组在网页、平面以及创意领域等需求
    • 主导拍摄和制作线下活动的视频,包括国内以及国外的活动
    • 跟进已发布的视频,观察视频的反响,分析视频的可行性
    • 字幕制作,基本剪辑和特效的视频通过中国社交平台以及网络频道发布, 每周至少为体育以及旅游组制作10个视频字幕制作
    • 为包含图表和视频元素的提议性文件提供支持
    • 寻找机会制作公司视频并与客户以及网页游览者分享
    • 提供帐号日常协助在基本研究、数据追踪记录、社区管理以及筛选和鉴定KOL
  • 能力要求
    1. 至少2-3年的影视制作工作经验(影视制作相关专业优先)
    2. 能熟练使用影视后期制作设计软件包括Premier/Final Cut Pro, After Effect/Motion, Photoshop 以及相关的设计软件
    3. 会后期调色 比如Davinci(优先考虑)
    4. 熟悉通用的商用摄影器材,并能在现场正确快速设置拍摄场景。
    5. 熟知数字化与新媒体,市场营销和基本行业知识
    6. 需要能做出决定,并付诸于执行实践的能力
    7. 具有良好的中英文沟通能力者优先
    8. 有创造力,自信,负责,细心
  • 待遇



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