• Business Objective

    Reimagine the official USA destination platform, build credible social media channels and inspire an army of visitors to the USA.


  • Results
    • 10 million website hits
    • over 700,000 social media followers
    • 35,000 website registrants.
  • Our Approach

    Localising for the China market requires more than just adapting the language, but rather redesigning the entire strategy. With different online consumer habits, social media channels, and digital roadblocks, it was essential to create a platform for Chinese internet users that was locally and culturally relevant.

    Launched in August 2013 and re-branded just for China, GoUSA.cn has already inspired millions of Chinese to explore all that the US has to offer with its strong online presence. Built and designed from the ground up, it is a platform that encourages our 35,000 web registrants to share our content, almost 4,000 custom curated activities and blogs, on their social channels. GoUSA.cn has also provided turn-key solutions for over 20 US-based partners seeking to promote their destinations to Chinese travellers.

    We have created Top 3 Tourism Destination presences in all of China’s top social media channels- namely Weibo, WeChat, and Lofter. To promote our content, we have established partnerships with China’s leading networks and biggest media channels which have further fueled our success in solidifying BrandUSA’s footprint in China.