• Business Objective

    Establishing Macy’s as the iconic American shopping destination


  • Results
    • 150,000+ followers
    • 35,000+ coupons downloaded
    • 100+ million impressions
  • Our Approach

    To the Western consumer, Macy’s is a global shopping phenomenon. However, the brand has limited recognition beyond just a few Tier 1 cities in China. Our approach was to establish Macy’s as the key shopping destination when travelling to America and communicate that no trip was complete without an authentic Macy’s experience.

    To achieve this, we established the official Macy’s Chinese social media accounts with one simple purpose- to inspire American life, culture, and events exclusively with Macy’s. Using rich content calendars, H5 WeChat applications, weekly promotional campaigns, and dedicated hashtags, we’ve established Macy’s as the No.1 foreign department store across China’s social media.

    To support branding activation across Chinese digital platforms, we launched an incentive program rewarding followers with a Macy’s discount that could be readily accessible through downloads on their phones. This program has reaped over 35,000 downloads and continues to drive in-store spending abroad that is easily tracked upon redemption.