• Business Objective

    Maximise engagement with followers creating User Generated Content while growing the follower base by acquiring core target  audience through KOL-led contents



  • Results

    5M+ reads in 1 month

  • Our Approach

    We wanted to create a digital platform to engage with subscribers and to encourage the “Active Living Lifestyle” promoted by Lorna Jane. We launched the campaign for 3 weeks during the spring season. By encouraging followers to upload and share their #sexyback workout/lifestyle content, we created a community that is connected by sharing the same passion.

    In order to reach our core target audience, we collaborated with a selection of key influencers varying from workout/fashion/lifestyle and other campaign-related fields. Each key influencer created unique contents within the #sexyback hashtag that fanned the excitement and participation for this campaign reaching over 5.8 Million reads and over 2100 discussions for #sexyback.

    By owning this hashtag, we were able to collect and analyse key information that was crucial for tailoring our contents to the Chinese market. At the same time, we were able to increase exposure of Lorna Jane’s account and the level of follower growth/engagement.