• Business Objective

    Promote Assembly Row shopping mall through our partnership with Hainan Airlines

  • Results
    • 985 participants
    • 25K exposure
    • 1K+ followers
    • 117K hashtag reads
  • Our Approach

    We had Weibo users engage with MassVacation by promoting Assembly Row as well as Hainan Airlines through a series of Weibo posts. One of them asked users “what are your must-have products in outlets?” and participants had the chance to win either a Harvard University t-shirt or a $100 gift card to Assembly Row. In a separate post, we directed users to Hainan Airlines’ dedicated landing page which included another coupon to Assembly Row that everybody could access. Finally, we shared posts from various popular travel agencies within China that promoted their own travel packages, which also featured Hainan Airlines and more coupons to Assembly Row. The heavy use of coupon giveaways along with our hashtag #麻省购物季# (#MassachusettsShoppingSeason#) leveraged the intense shopping culture in China to generate great engagement.