• Business Objective

    Reinvigorate engagement on GoUSA’s official WeChat account through creative innovation following a change in WeChat’s campaign policy

  • Results

    450% average improvement in engagement across 2 campaigns

  • Our Approach

    We realised that interactive games are the best way to encourage involvement and, as such, boost engagement. Our first two campaigns were based around geographical quizzes. In the first, we provided ten clues and asked followers to guess the name of the city to which they referred (Portland, Oregon). Correct answers were allowed to download our stylish Portland wallpaper as a gift. The winners were also automatically included in our CNY lottery, with the winner receiving the grand prize (a Pendleton wool blanket, made in Oregon).

    The second campaign used three illustrations that served as clues to three cities. For example, the first illustration showed a chicken tumbling down a hill. In Chinese, this is described as Luo Shan Ji (落山鸡), which sounds exactly the same as Los Angeles’ (洛杉矶) Chinese name. We randomly picked 10 winners who got the right answer and gave them a sweatshirt and a prize.

    A successful interactive game campaign has to be easy and fun to participate in. If the game itself or the participation requirements are too complicated, people will be reluctant to get involved. The visual experience of a campaign is also very important.