• Business Objective

    Showcase the sights and sounds of the USA, inspiring Chinese travellers to choose America for their next destination


  • Results
    • Over 15M video views
    • $10M generated in media value across two seasons
  • Our Approach

    The show 趣旅行 (literally “Enjoy Travel” with a play on words also meaning “Let’s Go Travel”) is a travel series featured on Tudou which introduces viewers to destinations around the world.

    Brand USA, in cooperation with Visit Florida and Visit California, has completed two seasons of the show, each season consisting of four 15-minute episodes and one 1-minute preview. We invited celebrity host couples to star on the show and share their authentic experiences with the audience. In Florida, Si Wen Jia and Gao Shan Feng started in Orlando at Disney World and Sea World made their way through Kissimmee, Fort Lauderdale, and finally ended their travels in Miami. For the California series, Bai Ke Li and wife Guo Er (pictured above) travelled the famed Route 1 along the coastal shore, from San Francisco and making their way south to Los Angeles with stops in Napa Valley, Monterey, Santa Barbara, among others.

    Backed by more than $1M of media value, each episode was aired and promoted on four of China’s largest video platforms – Tudou being the main platform, as well as Youku, iQiyi, and Tencent. The total views for Florida and California were 7.3M and 8.4M, respectively. From the itinerary planning to the selection of hosts, the destinations were continuously involved in the production of the episodes to ensure that the show highlighted the desired attractions and delivered their brand messaging to captivate Chinese audiences for travel to their states.