• Business Objective

    Maximise promotion and engagement of NYCGO using Time Square’s award-winning work of art: We Were Strangers Once Too


  • Results
    • No. 8 Weibo Hot Topic
    • 1800+ love story submissions
    • 4M+ Hashtag reads
    • 2M+ post reads
    • 36,900+ engagements
  • Our Approach

    We Were Strangers Once Too was the winner of the annual Time Square Valentine Heart Design Competition. Comprised of 33 poles – one being China – the artwork stands for the national origins of NYC’s everlasting immigrant population, allowing us to make China aware of NYC’s warm welcome. Love is something that exists all over the world, yet the Chinese, in particular, are often very enthusiastic about their love stories. We played off China’s propensity for romance with a post asking Weibo users to send in their story of love using our hashtag: #从此,相爱# (#FromNowOn, Love#). Beyond just a couple of key KOLs used, the timing of the post on the eve of Valentine’s Day sparked an even greater interest of users to participate.