• Business Objective

    Attract as many visits as possible to the Massachusetts travel website

  • Results
    • 2.1 million visits in one year
    • 14,000 reads per blog article
  • Our Approach

    The GoUSA platform offers some fantastic turn-key solutions for US destination marketing organisations to gain a foothold in China.

    In 2014 Massachusetts made the most of this. With no prior presence in China, we were able to create an immediate impact with their mini-site hosted on GoUSA.cn. On the mini-site, we created over 40 interactive activities, along with tonnes of information and images that showcased the many highlights of this fantastic state.

    We also promoted the website and Massachusettes on micro-blogging platform Sina Weibo, so as to raise the profile and awareness of the website. Weibo’s short form content is a perfect way to drive engagement and create interest in a destination, eventually inspiring people to visit.