• Business Objective

    Use Chinese New Year to increase social media followers and in-store visits to certain shopping malls across North America


  • Results
    • Over 11K coupons accessed
    • 3,880 coupons redeemed
    • 1.15M Weibo impressions
    • 10K+ WeChat followers
    • 9K+ Weibo followers
  • Our Approach

    Chinese New Year (CNY) is a time for family, performances, and giving. We timed our campaign so that consumers on WeChat and Weibo could use our campaign to get a coupon which would then be used to get a free tote bag from any of our 10 featured shopping destinations. Passing along the spirit of the Chinese New Year, the red tote bags resembled the traditional CNY envelopes by containing various gifts inside including gold coin chocolates and even more coupons. Using KOLs and social media advertising led to all 10 malls almost giving out their entire supply of red tote bags, which proved a strong online to offline success.