• Business Objective

    Leverage a popular travel KOLs to promote GoUSA and our Road Trips campaign on the Hana Highway in Hawaii.



  • Results

    3.55 million reads, 150,000 visits to GoUSA

  • Our Approach

    Key Opinion Leaders, KOLs, are one of the most effective ways to promote a brand and, in this case, a destination.  KOLs have their own dynamic networks, industry connections, and are great content producers that give an intimate insight into their experiences that Chinese travellers love to read about.

    For this trip, we engaged a highly influential KOL blogger on Sina through a 7-day whirlwind road trip through Hawaii. Tasked with completing a comprehensive statement of work encompassing 15 blog posts written along the Hana Highway, he delivered detailed accounts of his experiences that have become one of his most popular series of content.