• Business Objective

    To promote awareness and drive engagement for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


  • Results
    • 1.1M total Weibo impressions
    • 1.7K total Weibo engagement
    • 8K WeChat live stream views
    • 2M hashtag views
  • Our Approach

    With Western holidays becoming ever more accepted in Mainland China, we started to socialise Thanksgiving on Macy’s Weibo account. First, we started several Thanksgiving related hashtags, 2 of which went viral: #感恩节大游行# (#ThanksgivingParade#) and #梅西百货感恩节大游行# (#MacysDeptStoreThanksgivingParade#).

    Using these hashtags, we published Macy’s parade history, fun-facts, the route through New York City, and information on the famous floats to their Chinese audience. We also created a teaser poster and 10 different GIFs which were designed and uploaded one at a time. Each included a silhouette of one of the characters from this year’s floats with clues for followers to guess the character. In order to win the Versace grand prize, users have to guess all characters correctly in the comment sections. The luxury-brand prize and focus on trending characters is what brought high engagement to Macy’s Weibo account.

    To bring the game to the next level, we used UGC from people that were at the Thanksgiving Parade directly to our Weibo and WeChat followers through real time posts. This campaign demonstrates that Chinese people welcome Western culture and festivals and are interested to know more about them.