• Business Objective

    Building a new consumer digital strategy to re-launch NYCGo on Sina Weibo



  • Results

    Doubled total followers in 90 days

  • Our Approach

    The focus was to change the digital voice for NYCGo on Sina Weibo. Prior to our management, posts were written to target trade companies and didn’t appeal towards the normal consumers and travellers that are core to the audience of Weibo.

    Our account refresh began with a full change in social content strategy and an alignment with global branding for NYCGo. Firstly, we centred the strategy on building fun hashtag pages focused on popular content, such as events, food, music, arts, and shopping, to feature across all Burroughs of NYC but, most importantly, use these key passion points to extend reach across different verticals on Weibo. The second main change was a NYCGo branding alignment in China across Weibo including the main page, hashtag pages, and banners – we created unique GIFs, used more vibrant images, and created consumer friendly call-to-action on banners to drive conversions to the website. With the refresh completed, monthly campaigns were created to drive more engagement and more visits to the NYCGo revamped Sina Weibo page.

    With the channel having started in 2010, and our full re-launch in Q2 of 2016, we achieved 100% new followers in 90 days which equated to the same amount of growth that took 6 years to achieve from years prior. Most importantly, engagement levels have increased from an average of 5 to now over 50 per a post. Interests to travel to NYCGo have never been higher digitally and we are excited for what’s ahead NYCGo on WeChat.