• Business Objective

    Promote proximity travel to large and popular destinations in the USA


  • Results
    • 429M+ total media impressions
    • 54M+ total website visits
    • 19K+ Weibo engagement
    • 90M+ hashtag reads
  • Our Approach

    During a period of 6 months, we promoted GoUSA with our Proximity Campaign. Linking to our customised landing page, our team identified locations and activities in and around well-known cities, such as NYC, Chicago, and Seattle, that we knew to be popular among Chinese travelers. For example, through a series of videos, banners, multi-photo and text ads, we chose to promote San Francisco by encouraging travelers to make the drive up from the city to experience the Napa Valley wine country. We layered our campaign with 3 media sources – PPTV, Sohu, and Weibo – which maximised our results.