• Business Objective

    Increase awareness and tourism of Australia’s Uluru by branding it as the center of the world


  • Results
    • 20K+ new followers
    • 58K Engagements
    • 612K Hashtag reads
  • Our Approach

    Uluru is placed in a vast and remote land with limited facilities, and therefore we decided to target independent and experienced travelers who tend to be more confident and less intimidated by such an area. We encouraged users to submit their favourite experience while traveling with a friend, providing the winner with 2 free round-trip tickets from Shanghai, Beijing, or Guangzhou to Uluru. Those who submitted would tag their friend using our hashtag #探秘世界中心# (#ExploreTheCenterOfTheWorld#).

    Positioning Uluru as a ‘world center’ was critical as Chinese travelers typically look toward places they have already heard of like New York City, London, or Bangkok as opposed to a remote location in Northern Australia. We got permission from participants to revamp actual photos of themselves traveling in the Northern Territory and used these photos to enhance our campaign. Original participants would then repost the newly endorsed photos of themselves, creating additional user generated content – the final key component to the success of this campaign.