• Business Objective

    Create a hashtag page and photo campaign to position Florida as the premier destination for a beach vacation.


  • Results
    • 1,300 photographs submitted
    • 3.2M reads.
  • Our Approach

    The basis of the campaign was to encourage Chinese to share photos of being at the beach while actually not being there and sharing them with their circle of friends. We wanted to highlight that Florida is the sunshine state of the USA, the perfect sunny getaway destination for Chinese travellers. To amplify the campaign, we carefully selected two key opinion leaders to lead the first submissions

    The campaign was held for two weeks on both Weibo and WeChat. It subsequently generated more than 3.2 million reads on the hashtag page, 1,300 photos submissions and Florida’s fan base gained more than 2,400 new followers. This growth was nearly 8x faster than its average two-week growth.