• Business Objective

    Grow an online community for André Schürrle in China

  • Results

    100K followers in 30 days, #1 most active footballer on Weibo

  • Our Approach

    When we started to plan André Schürrle’s launch in China, we didn’t want him to be just another player on Weibo without a clear mission. Therefore, our brand mantra was clear, he should become the most progressive and engaged player online in China, bringing fans closer to André’s true personality. We identified André’s natural strengths and fit them with the demands of his target audience.

    It is important for Chinese fans to feel special and that their support is appreciated. As a result, exclusive content is very popular and powerful. This is a perfect fit with André’s passion and authenticity.

    We forged a close relationship with both Schürrle and his management. This connection built trust and enthusiasm from all parties and lead to a lot of excellent exclusive content.

    To kickstart his profile, we drove a special launch campaign. André asked his fans to think of a creative Chinese nickname for him with the winner a signed pair of boots as worn by André. He announced the lucky winner by publishing a video, in which he wrote his nickname in Chinese characters.

    Schürrle’s commitment to the Chinese audience is shown in his videos and posts around special occasions in China. For example, students around China appreciated André’s Gaokao post, in which he wished then all luck for their upcoming academic challenge and he also published videos around the Dragon Boat Festival and the ‘I love you day’.

    The amount of exclusive content and the number of posts are way beyond any of André Schürrle’s competitors, making him the most engaged player on Weibo.