• Business Objective

    Create the most participated in online football campaign in China.

  • Results

    Over 45,000 dreams submitted, over 15 million video views

  • Our Approach

    The key to making a campaign of this size successful is simplicity. If we’d made the mechanics of submitting a dream too complicated, some fans would have been put off participating. The campaign was driven by fans submitting their ‘dream’ around their favourite Bundesliga club or player. Some dreams were very simple, a signed shirt for example, and others more comprehensive, like going to watch their team play and meeting their favourite players.

    The competition was open for a month at the end of which 2 fans were granted their dream trips to Germany, 12 won a signed jersey from their favourite player, 20 received a jersey with their favourite player’s name and number on it and 5 fans were sent a video from their favourite players thanking them for their support.

    The campaign surpassed every KPI that was set, the targeted number of dreams was surpassed within the first week. This success was down to both the ease of getting involved and the base of support that the Bundesliga has built up through its time in China. The depth of support for the league was shown both in some of the amazing personal stories that were shared and also the creativity in the dreams involving some of the smaller clubs. Dreams involving BVB and FC Bayern made up 70% of all submitted, however, the quality and imagination of the dreams for the other clubs was generally much higher.