• Business objective

    To cover the three German teams (BVB, Schalke, FC Bayern) on tour in China with on-the-ground support and exclusive content.



  • Results

    The fastest growing and most engaged league during the China tour.

  • Our Approach

    With three teams in China at the same time, our team had their work cut out for them. Due to each having a different brand message, history and set of activities whilst touring, it was crucial that we split up our Bundesliga team to follow each individually over the 7-day period. Doing this meant that we were on site to discover the best stories from the fan events and also bring the matches alive for those fans that couldn’t attend through the league’s official social channels.

    These included: one BVB fan be granted his dream of meeting André Schürrle, profiling a fan that had travelled over 4,000 km to watch the BVB match and capturing the moment one FC Bayern fan proposed to his girlfriend in the stadium. We used Weibo’s live streaming featured to capture each team’s arrival at the airport. FC Bayern’s arrival attracted over 540,000 viewers.

    In all, the four German football accounts (Bundesliga, BVB, Schalke and FC Bayern) grew, on average, almost 20% more than the English football accounts (Premier League, Arsenal and Chelsea) and were 55% more engaged.