• Business Objective

    To provide Kobe exposure, demonstrate his commercial value and ability to activate and engage a huge number of fans. Engage with his existing fans and further expand his Chinese fanbase.

  • Results

    5.8M+ Viewers.

  • Our Approach

    Live streaming has become the hottest social trend on China’s digital landscape in the last year. Kobe’s visit to China for Alibaba’s Single’s Day event provided a perfect time to engage with his fans in China and attract new fans by taking Kobe to them. We identified live streaming as the best medium to provide engagement and maximise connections with new fans.

    We chose one of China’s top platforms, Zhan Qi, as the right place to host Kobe. The service’s audience has a high proportion of young males, perfectly suiting the campaign. We managed the negotiations between Kobe’s team and Zhan Qi, as well as promoting the event through Kobe’s official Chinese social channels and digital PR.

    On the day, Mailman was on hand for the live stream, with our own Ken Wu serving as interpreter for Kobe. The 30-minute broadcast, which included viewer interaction through a Q&A, was watched by almost 6 million fans and raised over $12,000 for Kobe’s China foundation through the Zhan Qi’s integrated social gifting functions.