• Business Objective

    Engage new and established Borussia Dortmund fans through a successful live streaming series.


  • Results
    • 13 million views
  • Our Approach

    Since their 2016 launch, BVB has always aimed to be leaders in China. As such, they were one of the first clubs to host their own live streaming series from their club base. With any series, a varied content plan is essential to ensuring fan enjoyment and engagement across all of the episodes.

    For the four episodes of this series, we planned a mixture of behind-the-scenes, player-oriented, interactive, and ‘just for fun’ features. Fans witnessed stadium tours, interviews and games with clubs legends and players, and got a look at how academy players live and train at Borussia Dortmund. The energy brought by stadium announcer and Dortmund legend Nobby Dickel in both giving tours and during karaoke challenges gave viewers a real flavour of what it’s like to visit the ground and be part of the club.

    The inclusion of characters like Nobby made the series unique and perfectly showcased Dortmund’s culture to their Chinese fans. This sort of involvement, alongside activities such as acting out Chinese characters and karaoke, makes shows much more relatable, interesting and fun for the fans.

    The choice of host was also key. We recruited Patrick, who was able to interact with both the guests in German and the viewers in Chinese making the whole broadcast much smoother and genuine. We also worked with the live streaming network, Yizhibo, to secure promotion of the series and placement on their home page so as to gain exposure.