• Business objective

    Promote SSC Napoli as a brand, expand its fan base, particularly with post-millennial audiences and to engage casual fans by providing a glimpse of the club and city from the inside.


  • Results

    508,000 total reads, 127% increase on weekly reads, >10x increase in engagement, most Weibo comments of any Italian club.

  • Our Approach

    Following the launch of Napoli online in China, we identified live streaming as a perfect platform to maximise their exposure and build a greater fan base. The content of the episodes was the most important aspect of the series. Our team planned out the episodes and provided briefings to the club as to what participating players would be asked to do. We identified the importance of interactive features in engaging fans and so designed a series of games and challenges including keepy-ups with various objects, answering questions that were asked live by viewers and trying their hand at some Chinese phrases.

    There were also episodes designed to give Chinese fans that have not been to Napoli insight into what the city is like, how the local fans follow their team and what the team is doing to secure its success in the future with youth programmes and stadium developments. The access that SSC Napoli provided our team made these episodes much more engaging and provided a unique viewing experience.