• Business Objectives

    Create a hero story of BVB & DFB star player around the biggest footballing event on earth, in order to increase BVB’s brand awareness amongst casual & new football fans.

  • Results

    11 million hashtag reads, 27,500 engagement, 800 average engagement

  • Our Approach

    Marco Reus is arguably the most popular German player in China currently and is loved by many fans, not just those of BVB or Germany. However, due to his extensive injury history, he has missed out on the World Cup 2014 and Euro Cup 2016. His Chinese fans frequently express sadness about his bad luck and often draw attention to his health. Through a hashtag campaign, we tried to turn this into a positive image and tell a strong spirited story of him during the FIFA World Cup.

    Following his naming in the German World Cup squad, BVB’s Weibo started posting a photo of Reus every morning, with a motivational quote and the owned hashtag #ReusStayHealthy#. We kept this message going throughout the tournament and related it to ongoing events and news stories. The hashtag was picked up by numerous KOLs as well as a large number of casual fans.

    The 56 posts resulted in 11 million reads, 27,500 total engagement and 800 average engagement. Due to the performance of this series, BVB’s Weibo set new records for exposure and engagement in a single month. Total engagement was the second highest of all football clubs, despite several clubs having many more FIFA World Cup players in their squad.