• Business Objectives

    Capitalise on the biggest Chinese holiday by creating a game on WeChat alongside a campaign to drive follower growth.

  • Results

    5.5 million hashtag reads, 6,500 entrants, 2.4 million total WeChat exposure.

  • Our Approach

    We launched a Spurs-themed H5 game on WeChat as the centre of our CNY campaign. The game was simply hopping from one platform to the next, moving the club mascot Chirpy by either clicking left or right on your phone. Fans had to follow Spurs to be able to play the game and the person with the highest score at the end of each day received a gift.

    To promote the game throughout the holiday period, we capitalised on the excitement around the upcoming North London Derby by launching a live stream of the open training session right before the game. On top of this, we produced a special CNY training shirt that was worn by all players throughout the session. The invitation of Chinese media to this event led to multiple media coverage as well, adding to the exposure of the campaign and activation.

    We were also able to generate sponsor awareness throughout. AIA was featured heavily within the game as well as the majority of the prizes being AIA X Spurs caps. We also produced a video of Chirpy undertaking daily tasks within the AIA office in Shanghai. LEAGOO were built into the game with their mascot taking the place of Chirpy on certain days as well as phones being given out as prizes.

    We also leveraged the North London Derby itself. We advertised Spurs’ WeChat account and the campaign on the big screen outside Wembley as well as the advertising banners within during the game. A combination of all of these activations throughout the CNY period led to over 750,000 clicks on the H5 game and 6,500 entrants.