• Business Objective

    Leverage the club’s connection with the 2017 zodiac animal (rooster/cockerel) to make Spurs the most visible/popular
    CNY campaign of the year.


  • Results

    6.5 Million Hashtag Reads

  • Our Approach

    This unique connection between club and Chinese culture provided a wealth of social campaign options. We first
    created a bespoke hashtag (#⾦金金鸡刺刺福#) which we used across all content, and on pitch-side LED boards during
    Spurs’ home game against West Brom. This hashtag made all of the content from that period instantly identifiable and
    further established the connection with Tottenham.
    We also ran a countdown of all of the 12 animals of the zodiac, producing a poster for each animal. The posters all
    featured a player who was born in that year.
    Finally, we also created two videos. The first was as in partnership with Spurs sponsor AIA and gave fans a chance to
    submit photos of them and their families supporting spurs together. The second was to celebrate the end of CNY and
    featured current Spurs players playing a traditional Lantern Festival game by answering riddles about Chinese culture.
    Spurs’ unique connection to CNY 2017 was at the centre of this campaign and leveraging this was the key to making
    the content far more engaging and allowed it to strike a chord with the Chinese fans.