• Business Objective

    Establish a deeper connection with fans by celebrating Chinese New Year.

  • Our Approach

    The turn of the lunar calendar is an extremely important time of the year in China. The national holiday lasts for a week, offering a lot of time for both celebrations and campaigns. It is crucial that clubs who are trying to grow a following in China acknowledge Chinese New Year.

    In 2017, Napoli celebrated their first Chinese New Year in several ways. First was a press conference held in the Chinese embassy in Rome which featured several of the club’s biggest names.

    Then, during their next match, the players wore a bespoke patch on their shirts, which was designed by our team. The one-off t-shirts worn by the mascots at the beginning of the match were also designed by our team as were several graphics which were shown on the pitch side advertising boards next to the pitch.

    These graphics wished fans a happy new year as well as promoting the club’s Weibo account. The mascot shirts also afforded the fans an opportunity to win when we used them as prizes in a later campaign.