• Business Objective

    Grow the UFC an online community in China



  • Results

    250,000+ total social followers, #2 most engaged sports organisation

  • Our Approach

    Our first focus was on attracting and engaging existing fans of MMA and combat sports. Our focus in attracting these fanbases was to establish a shared cause the benefited both parties, growing the sport of MMA in China. By not exclusively pushing the UFC’s brand, we were able to get the established fan groups on board and create a solid nucleus of support to build on. We also positioned UFC’s President, Dana White, as the leader that built MMA into the recognised and followed sport that it is now from its niche origins.
    China has a long and rich history in combat sports which made the UFC a good fit. We managed media relations both educating new fans on the rules of the UFC and highlighting how the values of the organisation and the sport align themselves with many of those in Chinese culture, namely respect, perseverance and bravery. We also gave the Chinese fighters a lot of coverage, leveraging China’s famous national pride and making them into local heroes.
    Finally, we made sure that all of the best fights and events were unforgettable, building the organisation a history in China to which its new fans could relate.