• Business Objective

    Promote Cub Swanson’s visit to Shanghai as part of the UFC Fighter Tour


  • Our Approach

    Before Cub Swanson’s arrival in Shanghai, we promoted two videos across our channels to announce his trip to China and build up the excitement amongst fans, with the videos reaching 185,000+ total views.

    With only three hours available with Cub Swanson, we created an itinerary designed to make the most of his short time in Shanghai and capture a range of shareable content. We first recorded a video interview about his UFC journey so far, and then opened the stage up to the UFC fans in China, as Cub Swanson took over the UFC Weibo account to answer fans questions and post photos. Following this, we visited several iconic landmarks in Shanghai including Yu Yuan and the Bund, where we were able to capture a video of Cub Swanson shadow boxing.