• Business Objectives

    Gain followers, increase exposure and promotion of the Williams brand during the 2018 Chinese GP.

  • Results

    #1 fastest growing motorsports account with 7,100 new followers, a 61% increase.

  • Our Approach

    Williams were not expected to be competitive at the 2018 edition of the Chinese Grand Prix. As such, we increased the focus of the social content on stories and events away from the track. We came up with a campaign that allowed fans to send in birthday gifts and blessings to the team’s technical director, Paddy Lowe.

    We also interacted with many of the celebrities and personalities gathered in the F1 paddock during the race, including former Chinese track and field athlete Zhang Peimeng, who we invited to take a photo with the car and meet some of the team.

    We also produced a lot of behind the scenes content, showing fans the inner workings of the team’s Grand Prix setup.  We showed our fans the details of the team centre, their resting area, and the garage, areas which fans cannot usually gain access to. This broad approach to alternative content (that is, not directly race-related) allowed us to achieve our performance targets.