Our Mission

We exist to give professional sports properties the best opportunity to succeed in China.

Whether a world-class athlete, a global football team or an emerging event, we’ve created an ecosystem to help navigate China’s dynamic business environment. From building a large social media fan base, negotiating exclusive media partnerships to mapping an ecommerce strategy, we tackle the critical success factors that make it all happening China.

Our Story

Established in 1999, Mailman has become a symbol of China’s revolutionary spirit and its desire for progress. Before tweets, our team were delivering postKard media throughout China’s bustling restaurants. We took pride in every delivery. But then the world changed, smartphones became our new best friends and it was time to adapt to the modern China.

We did what we knew best

As China’s youth began playing sport, the digital and content landscapes also took shape. It was early 2009 and we began to tackle our deepest passion, sports. We knew as the market evolved, that global sports properties would wake up. The Chinese were curious and willing to engage; football was on the rise, the NBA was growing and the world’s superstars had to be a part of it.

Community building

In 2010, Liverpool FC became the first professional football team on Chinese social media. Fast forward 7 years and we’ve since built programmes for over 100 global rights holders including the Bundesliga, NFL, NHL, Kobe Bryant, UFC, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, AC Milan and the great Conor McGregor. Our clients have seen their Chinese communities explode, creating hundreds of new opportunities across avenues such as media, commercial, ecommerce and touring.

And so began the legacy

As the business grew, so did our people, our expertise and our reach across China’s vast sports ecosystem. We refined our mission and made sure our interests were aligned with our greatest customers. We now deliver services across digital, media, technology, commerce and investment – all to support our mission in helping professional sports organisation succeed in China.

The future we’re building

As the industry develops and matures, we’re ensuring we stay nimble, aggressive, honest and set the industry standard through our professional services. We aim to build an ecosystem of support which creates exponential success for our clients. With access to more fans, more opportunities and more investment we strive to build business together with our partners.

Our Manifesto

As a leader we never settle.

Respect the fans

We listen, engage and co-create decisions wherever possible. Never underestimate the collective power of passionate fan communities.

We lead, never follow

We always strive to be the first. First to launch a new channel, a new partnership or a new strategic direction. We find ways to show best practice and are constantly looking to improve industry standards.

Bet small, not everything

We take small risks and invest in new areas of innovation, whether that’s ecommerce, a new content format or other. We learn the necessary skills to translate to our clients.

Own it

We take on responsibilities and own it. We don’t just talk it, we walk it. Whether it’s a team or individual project, our culture demands results – we always deliver.

Respect everyone

We respect differences, all ethnicities and culture. We empower people to speak up, take charge and learn something new. Every guest of Mailman is a guest in our home.

Integrity first

We always work in the best interest of our clients and partners. China presents distance and cultural challenges; we ensure the trust is established through our best representation.


We’re proudly invested by China’s more progressive sports and technology investment groups.

Yao Capital

Yao Capital is a private equity firm specialising in growth stage investments in the sports industry, both in China and globally. The firm is founded by a team of industry executives and investment professionals including NBA Hall of Famer Yao Ming, former Chief Investment Officer of China’s Wanda Group and former Managing Director of The Carlyly Group, David Han, and former General Manager of Shanghai Sharks Basketball Club, Erik Zhang. Yao Capital invests in leading sports industry companies from China as well as premium global sports properties with a China angle. Yao Capital utilises its industry expertise and operational know-how to help portfolio companies enhance their strategic positioning, business performance and market leadership.

We Capital

We Capital is a specialised Internet cultural venture capital, focusing on investments in general entertainment contents, including film & TV shows, sport and new media.

With cumulative assets under management of over RMB 4 billion, We Capital is standing among the first tier in cultural industry funds within one year.

A current portfolio of more than 40 companies help We Capital build a comprehensive industrial layout covering original contents, development & production, distribution & marketing, stadiums and related products.

Based on the varying media ecosystems on the Internet, We Capital looks for innovative business models in the cultural industry, which specialises in utilising new tools.

We Capital invests in early-stage opportunities, as well as some relatively mature companies. An industrial platform provides them systematic industrial resources for the fund and invested companies.

Kaixing Capital

Kaixing Capital is focusing on the integration of sports industry investment and the sports ecological chain, covering sports events, sports media, venues, public fitness and other fields.

Their successful investment cases are “medium video”, “ride down (Mi bicycle), Donews, Fawkes and clouds, etc., investment projects have achieved significant growth in their respective segments.

By focusing on the sports industry, they have experience and rich sports resources. Kaixing Capital has established three funds: Medium Kaixing (sports culture media), Lehman Kaixing (Sports + football), Kaisa Kaixing (Stadium), and in the future, they will focus on “sports + tourism”, “sports + Internet”, “sports + health” and other funds.

Leadership Team

  • Mailman

    Andrew Collins

    Group CEO
  • Mailman

    David Hornby

    VP of Sports
  • Mailman

    Justin Tan

    VP of Strategy
  • Mailman

    Rufio Zhu

    VP of Operations
  • Mailman

    Wei Jia

    VP Partnerships, Beijing
  • Mailman

    Gideon Clark

    Client Director
  • Mailman

    Yujun Wu

    Group Performance Director
  • Mailman

    Jimmy Li

    Account Director
  • Mailman

    Michael Lin

    Business Director
  • Mailman

    Joy Ji

    Account Director
  • Mailman

    Tom Elsden

    Client Director
  • Mailman

    Edoardo Lipari

    Senior Client Manager
  • Mailman

    Elaine Chen

    Senior Account Manager
  • Mailman

    Denis Green

    Head of PR
  • Mailman

    Zoey Zhao

    PR & Marketing Manager
  • Mailman

    Tianyi Li

    Team Leader, Travel
  • Mailman

    Caterina Zhou

    Senior Strategy Planner
  • Mailman

    Renee Li

    Head of Administration & EA to CEO
  • Mailman

    Alex Duncan (KAWO Co)

    Founder and Project Leader
  • Mailman

    Brian Vandamme

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Mailman

    Xiaoming Tang

  • Mailman

    Xin Chen

  • Mailman

    Yuhua Hou

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