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  • Production Services
    • Pre- & post-game show

      The studio is perfect for pre- and post-game content, including analysis of previous games, live punditary, or discussion about key issues this week. The big screen, supplementary screens to the left and right of the stage, and cutting to supporting footage enables the studio to bring expertise to life for the fans.

      Digital Strategy
    • Promotional content

      Tease upcoming events. Pairing KOL hosts with the giant screen is perfect for demonstrations and building excitement around an event. The flexibiltiy of the space allows it to serve all styles of broadcasts.

      Digital Strategy
    • Historical & educational content

      The studio also supports green/black screen filming. Well suited to historical and/or educational content, we are able to add an array of images and effects in post-production behind the presenting talent.

      Digital Strategy
    • Product videos

      The mixture of our experienced and skilled crew, with professional lighting setups makes the studio a perfect venue to shoot lanuches and promotional edits for almost any sort of product. If it fits through the door, we’ll make it look great.

      Digital Strategy
    • Distribution

      We provide channel distribution services across: Weibo, Yizhibo, Miaopai, iQiyi, Youku Tudou, and several other major Chinese digital channels to maximise exposure. We produce both live and prerecorded broadcasts.

      Digital Strategy
  • Recent work

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